Lee Iacocca, known as the father of the Mustang, contacted Ford Motor Company to build 45 Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustangs in 2009. Given that he was the original designer of the Mustangs in 1964, Ford was more than willing to build 45 cars. These cars were to be exclusively distributed by Galpin Ford out of Van Nuys, CA and were built by the legendary Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters. All of the cars were originally intended to be silver in color. However, Galpin Ford wanted to keep two cars for their private collection, of which they painted one red and one black, whose whereabouts are still in question. Since there were 41 silver cars, 1 red car, and 1 black car built, the numbers did not add up to 45. As it turns out, there were two mystery cars built, both black in color, to make up the 45. These two cars are distinguished by their full glass sunroof, making them the most desirable and rare of all the 45 cars built.  The following are pictures of one of the two exclusive black Iacocca Mustangs. This breathtaking muscle car was built in 2009, has under 500 miles, and is still covered by the original Ford Motor Company factory warranty. It is up for bid and will be unveiled in the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Collector car auction in Las Vegas, NV on September 26 - 28, 2013 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

For more information and sales inquiries on this beauty, please contact Michael Healea at igsnv@hotmail.com.